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Dhoni and kohli together…

Kohli is one sample…always overexcited and always  ready to talk shit BUT more than that he has been the best batsman in the team  and A good prospect for future captain…With the comimg generation loving his way of things , most captains would feel insecure and threatened and may get hostile with such a player. 
But not MSD….He values Kohli for the asset he is for the team and pranks  around with him.

He has made his regard of Kohli known to public many times.

You will know they are good friends if you happen to follow Indian Cricket closely.

Kohli is a different personality to Dhoni and Dhoni knows and regard  that. He lets him be his hostile self without trying to ‘discipline’ him or show that he is the captain.

There is mutual respect..And lastly Dhoni is the last person to be insecure of anyone..I find him quite selfless And that helps when dealing with an intense talent like Kohli.

Here’s a pic of them enjoying each others company